Mission and Values


Proximal Technologies exists to improve the lives of people in our community, our nation, and the world by discovering creative solutions for our planet’s technological challenges.


At Proximal Technologies, we believe that while profits are essential for any business, there’s also more to life than the accumulation of possessions; that’s why we strive to integrate our five core values into everything we do:

  1. Wisdom. We try to consider the long-term outcome of all our choices and actions, instead of focusing only on short-term gains.
  2. Integrity. We seek to deal honestly and ethically in all business transactions, even if it means losing a sale or taking a loss.
  3. Community. We care about the needs of the community around us and take time to help develop a safe, connected, and prosperous community.
  4. Family. We plan and organize business processes so as to strengthen our families and the families of our customers and vendors.
  5. Harmony. We strive to promote mental, physical, and spiritual peace for our employees, customers, and vendors.

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